My vision for this blog is to create a forum where youths, women and Nigerians in diaspora can read, share, and be heard. This blog is also aimed at bringing about development awareness to Nigeria and Nigerians in particular and Africa as a Continent at large.
This blog aims at helping women, youths and citizens air their views and to fight for what they believe in. It aims at creating awareness to the general public, to change lives and to correct things that are normally done the wrong way and have become culture.
This blog is aimed at creating an arena where people’s experiences, views, suggestions and comments would bring about change and sustainable development in Nigeria and the world at large.
I have the vision of a better Nigeria.  A place where youths channel their energy into creating innovative ideas and developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills, where women would not be afraid of being maltreated or harassed, where the rights of citizens are fought for, recognized and protected.
This vision can only be achieved through your contributions, suggestions, experiences and comments.
I hope to make your opinions heard and your problems shared and channeled to the important organizations and authorities in charge using this blog.
Isioma Uwanibe.