Women Battering

Women in Nigeria face serious molestation from men. Even married women are not safe from it. The issue today, as written in Vanguard, a woman was beaten by her husband because she refused to have sex with him and he also bathed her with hot water.
What women experience in the hands of unruly men cannot be overemphasized.  Some women even die by those severe and brutal beatings by men.  It now then poses questions for young ladies, Are we safe from men in this world? Should they be seen as brutal animals or human beings?
 This women battering have to stop in this country Nigeria. This act isn’t restricted to Nigeria alone other African countries experience such brutality of women batterings.  So it’s time for the necessary organizations to help women fight against this and put a stop to it for good.‎
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6 thoughts on “Women Battering

  1. Waiting for organisations to intervene in this situation is like depending on the Government for jobs and other basic amenities. Women have to be taught to think about their future instead of rushing into matrimony just because their friends are married or because they think financially well off men will make them happier. You made your bed and so you lie on it.


  2. It will be good if women are educated on their rights as women, this can be done through the organizations of workshops and seminars to help enlighten the younger generation!


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